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Lilo Pelekai


Lilo embodies leadership with a strong commitment to mental health advocacy and community involvement. In her role, she fosters an environment of inclusivity and active participation, driving NHA’s mission forward. At her school, Lilo has led various educational projects, broadening the reach of Model UN programs, championing grassroots advocacy, and promoting educational equity. Her efforts in reducing the stigma around mental health are evident through her collaboration with local government initiatives, particularly her work with the Mayor on the Mayor's Council.

Outside her academic and council responsibilities, Lilo dedicates her time to volunteer work with the National Marrow Donor Program, aiding individuals with blood cancer. She also imparts her knowledge of martial arts and life skills to young students at a local Dojo, where she teaches Kajukenbo and mentors the youth. Lilo's multifaceted approach to leadership and her dedication to improving mental health align seamlessly with the goals of NHA, making a significant impact in the community.

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